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About Donating

As you may have already figured, I read tarot entirely for free. I have no problems or moral issues with those who charge for readings, but a number of people have found my tarot readings helpful, and I'd like to make my readings as accessible to them as possible, along with anyone else who might want a reading. Thus, as long as I can support myself and my reading practice through donations and the kindess of others, I will.

I could see myself charging for readings in the far future as a way to limit the amount of reading requests coming in, but let's face it, my website is NOT that shiny or attractive, and in tarot and occult circles I'm not very well known. My only claim to fame is the time I spend reading on Reddit /r/tarot under the username secrettarot. So if you're curious about my reading style, that would be a good place to look.

Now, I'm still working out the kinks, and by that I mean I still have no idea how to set it up, but eventually, there will be a paypal-type donate button here. This page will update with a brief summary of my current monetary status, and how that's changing in the near future. I'll also be posting how much I recieve in total each month in donations in this section, or maybe on another page, just so you all can see clearly how things are going.

I hope someday to do nothing but read tarot as my full time job. This website is the start of that, maybe the end of that. I really hope it works out. I won't say that your donations go to a charitable cause, or promise you that I'll only spend them on necessities, but I do want to assure you that I won't spend foolishly or frivilously.

May 1st 2014: As promised, a little about my current situation. Materially, I'm pretty well set. I make juuuust enough money to pay expenses, and have... well, little to no regular profit ontop of that. Anything that you guys donate right now will probably either go into my savings, or into buying new tarot decks and/or books.

***placeholder for donate button... coming soon, I hope!***