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Welcome, you've arrived on the main page of Secret Tarot Readings!

This is a personal website, where I offer free tarot readings. There's not much here now, but I'd love to hear from you if you'd like a tarot reading.

May 8th: I've found this and it is wonderful. Huge collection of .txt file type books from various religions. I reccomend grabbing digital copies of whatever suits your fancy. Always good to have backups.

May 5th: Well, the barebones of the site is up. Yes, it's very plain, but I'm not here to impress you with whirligigs and gimcrackery. In the future, I'll probably get a mini-blog+news section rolling on this page, and an FAQ up and running. Help me out, questions about tarot or tarot reading, email me.

Apr 28th: Hey all, just getting this website off the ground. I'll be doing free tarot readings here soon. Hope to hear from you in a bit. Check back in say... a week, and there should be some development.